Virtual Running Challenge – Day 3

It’s Day 3 of the PILE on the MILES Challenge! If you missed the announcement post and want to join the FREE Challenge, check out this page to learn what the challenge is, FAQs & how to get the tracker – POTM Virtual Running Challenge Nov 2020


Now here’s my Running Challenge Check-in…


PILE on the MILES Day 3:

I actually had such a great run today! I don’t know if it’s because of current events and general anxiety related to that, but whatever the reason – I’ll take it!

I decided to do an impromptu speed workout because I felt extra energized (read as: anxious). So it’s not a very fancy workout, but I loved it!

My Run: 1 mile easy to warm-up // 4 minutes effort – 2 minutes easy — Repeated 4x // 5 minutes easy

Question: What did you do today? – You can check-in here in the comments or on today’s Instagram post @RunEatRepeat 

I’m posting daily check-ins on Insta, but a few of you have contacted me to say you don’t use Instagram. You’re welcome to check-in here or on Run Eat Repeat’s Facebook page here 


@RunEatRepeat Instagram Reels


This isn’t a confession post but I do need to come clean and admit I’m obsessed with Instagram Reels. It might be a problem. I should definitely be embarrassed – I didn’t want to jump on TikTok so I’m 100% new to this style of social media. AND I LOVE IT.

I’m surprised! I’m awkward! It shows!

But who cares? …

I’m waiting…

No one.

No one cares if I look tragic on social media & it’s fun – so I’m going with it.

So the moral of the story is:

Make sure you’re following @RunEatRepeat if you’re on Instagram and like/comment on my posts so you see them.

I think you can still see my updates – including Reels without joining Instagram… by looking on your computer here:

Mostly sharing because my Running Gear Hack Reels has received a lot of feedback that it’s very helpful!

Okay now… Back to Pile on the Miles.

Sign Up for PILE on the MILES here if you haven’t yet.

Run! And cross off the miles on your tracker.

Check in to stay accountable!

Chime in here, on your own social media, with a friend IRL, on my IG post or some other way that will truly keep you accountable – no excuses.

CHALLENGE DAY 3 – What did you do today?

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If you joined the challenge & want to share on your blog or social – Pile on the Miles Challenge Bibs images

What’s a Virtual Race & How do you Run it?




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