Healthy Benefits And Risks Of Eating Papaya Seeds You Must Know

Date: 2020-11-04 02:15:00

Do they help your digestive system? Can they even fight off cancer? Wait a minute, do papaya seeds decrease fertility? What happens if I eat too many? We’re talking all that AND more. Let’s start with the positive effects.

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Intro – 0:00
1. They Have Tons of Nutrients – 00:32
2. They Protect Your Kidneys – 01:36
3. Papaya Seeds Can Fight Cancer – 02:31
4. They Improve Your Digestion – 03:31
5. Papaya Seeds Fight Off Infections – 04:44
6. You Shouldn’t Eat Too Many – 06:22
7. Papaya Seeds Affect Fertility – 07:30


1. They Have Tons Of Nutrients
The first thing you need to know about papaya seeds is that they have tons of great nutrients. They are high in antioxidants like polyphenols and flavanols.

2. They Protect Your Kidneys
Papaya seeds can help you maintain the health of your kidneys. Your kidneys are essential if you’re going to live a full life. You need them to work properly in order to do their job. Your kidney’s primary function is to filter your blood. They remove waste, balance out your fluids, and maintain your electrolytes.

3. Papaya Seeds Can Fight Cancer
This is a big plus. Not just for people who are at risk, but anyone. Papaya seeds have the ability to lower cancer risk. This is once again due to all their great antioxidants and nutrients. They do battle against the free radicals that contribute to cancer.

4. They Improve Your Digestion
I know, it doesn’t seem as appealing as the reduction of cancer cells. I mean, what health benefit really is better than that? But when you think about it, your digestion can affect your everyday life. An unhealthy gut and poor digestion leads to a ton of health issues. Do don’t want a belly full of bad bacteria, trust me…

5. Papaya Seeds Fight Off Infections
If you’re not keeping your health in check, your body will become infected. This is just one more reason to hop on the papaya train.

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